All Medical Migraine Treatment Research

Over the last two decades, extensive medical research has confirmed the effectiveness of implanted neurostimulation for chronic head pain treatment. Dr. Reed’s seminal 1999 paper on Occipital Nerve Stimulation marked the beginning of this exploration.

Since then, a remarkable 139 papers authored by 370 researchers from 123 institutions in the US and Europe have furthered the field. Our compilation, containing peer-reviewed articles and abstracts, strives to be a comprehensive resource in migraine treatment research.

While exploring, consider search terms like neurostimulation, occipital nerve stimulation, neuromodulation, cluster headache treatment, occipital neuralgia treatment, migraine research, and more.

Our curated collection includes 111+ clinical reports and 28 abstracts, available for download by clicking on the titles. Your contributions to this resource are appreciated – should you know of any missing articles, please get in touch.


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