About US Migraine

Welcome to US Migraine: Your Global Destination for Lasting Migraine Solutions. Our exclusive network unites renowned pain management specialists in a collaborative effort to offer direct patient pathways to the groundbreaking Reed Procedure®. Developed by Dr. Kenneth Reed, M.D., this peripheral nerve stimulation technique promises effective migraine relief.

Dr. Kelly Will (left) and Dr. Ken Reed (right)

In 1999, Dr. Reed, alongside his colleague Dr. Kelly Will, unveiled their pioneering research in Occipital Nerve Stimulation. This breakthrough paper marked the inception of a revolutionary treatment approach, reshaping the landscape of headache medicine.

Advancing their technique in 2009, Dr. Reed authored a seminal paper titled “Combined Supraorbital and Occipital Nerve Stimulation,” recognized by the esteemed International Headache Foundation with the distinguished Cephalalgia Award. This accolade acknowledged it as the year’s foremost original contribution, further distinguishing Dr. Reed as the sole practicing physician ever to attain this historic honor.

Collaborating with partner physicians nationwide, Dr. Reed has since conducted the procedure, substantially reducing or eliminating headaches for countless patients worldwide.

Presently, Dr. Reed’s unwavering focus centers on aiding individuals grappling with severe and incapacitating chronic head pain that remains unresponsive to conventional treatments.