Dr. Reed’s Migraine Research

Committed to enhancing patients’ quality of life, Dr. Reed and the partner physicians at US Migraine persistently drive forward pioneering migraine research. Their unwavering aim is to uncover effective, secure treatments for the debilitating impact of migraine headaches. Regarding the Reed Procedure®, no one is more skilled than the physicians at US Migraine.  

Here, countless patients have discovered newfound relief from migraines, embracing life once more. Dr. Reed’s extensive migraine research has yielded remarkable results – patients who successfully underwent the Reed Procedure® often experience a significant reduction or complete elimination of the need for headache pain medication. Dr. Reed’s migraine research embarked upon its journey in 1992 and remains a vibrant pursuit even today, over 25 years later.

Presented below are research reports Dr. Reed and his colleagues at US Migraine authored. Feel free to click on the migraine research paper titles to access or download the complete papers.

Research Reports