Patient Reviews

Embrace the power of shared success! While every patient’s story is unique, it’s heartwarming to witness the profound impact of the Reed Procedure® on countless lives. We extend a warm invitation for you to immerse yourself in their stories – there’s truly no better way to envision the potential of our treatment program than by connecting with those who have triumphed through our migraine treatment journey. Immerse yourself, imagine the possibilities, and take that positive step to join our free webinar or give us a call. Together, we’ll explore your medical history and discuss how the revolutionary Reed Procedure® could be your path to lasting relief.

Reconnect with a Vibrant Life through Peripheral Nerve Stimulator Migraine Treatment

Back then, with the headaches, I’d go out for just one activity, then I would have to go home because my headache was really bad. [I’d] go home, take something, and go to sleep because that was my relief.

Now I can do a day, a half-day, go to the mall, have lunch, do something with friends and family.

– Michael

Peripheral Nerve Stimulator Migraine Treatment Gives Janice Her Life Back

The day we had to go see him, I had one of my worst blown-out headaches…. Dr. Reed walked into the room, and he said, “Mrs. Daugherty?” and I said, “Yes, sir.” I don’t even recall looking up at him. He saw the pain I was in. He didn’t ask my history, didn’t ask about what doctors I have been to, didn’t ask what medications. 

He just looked at me and said, “Mrs. Daugherty, I’m going to help you.” And it was just like, this is the miracle I have been waiting for.

– Janice

Successful Peripheral Nerve Stimulator Migraine Treatment in Young Lady

I can do anything. I feel like I can experience anything. My pain isn’t holding me back. I’m going to school, experiencing life to the fullest as where I wasn’t before. The neurostimulator completely gave me my life back. My life has completely changed. I’ve done a 180, and I feel that I can experience anything because I am pain-free.

 – Jennifer

Taking Charge of Headaches: Achieve Control with Occipital Nerve Stimulation Migraine Treatment

The most important thing I think that stands out about Reed Migraine is the people that work there… Every person you talk to from the second you walk in the door to the second you leave. Every nurse, every doctor, every person that calls on the phone, the people who deal with insurance, I have never had a bad moment with them. 

– Jessica

Student Triumphantly Returns to College with Peripheral Nerve Stimulator Migraine Treatment

[Dr. Reed] was very straightforward about exactly what would be happening with the trial and with the surgery and what his other patients had experienced. He just made me feel, even though I knew he was about to stick wires in my head, he made me feel really relaxed and reassured about the experience. 

– Kim R.

Reuniting Families: Occipital Nerve Stimulation Headache Treatment Restores a Mother’s Vitality

I went through everything. Blood pressure medication, anti-seizure medication, of course, the pain medication, different neurologists, chiropractors, pain management doctors, anything anyone would suggest I would try….I’m just so blessed to be able to have had the procedure. 

– Kim S.

Nerve Stimulator Migraine Treatment Allows Dedicated Educator to Return to the Classroom

Dr. Reed was a Godsend. When I walked into his office, I was really not convinced that I was ever going to have a neurostimulator implant. He spent two hours with my husband and myself. He listened like no one else had. Every symptom that I explained to other neurologists he knew. It was like, for the first time in my life, someone understood what I was telling him. He understood my story. He understood the symptoms. He had heard it all before, which was, in some way, really heartening to know that I wasn’t just an oddball.


– Victoria

Young Student Returns to Normal Life After Occipital Nerve Stimulator Migraine Treatment

When I woke up, the first thing I realized was I didn’t have a headache for the first time… It’s a lot better because, before, I felt like the headache was controlling me and holding me back. Now I control it.


– Bridget

Peripheral Nerve Migraine Treatment Restored Her Life

We’ll I’ve spread the word with Reed Migraine to everybody I talk with. I’ve got stuff up at my desk that gives people information about migraines, and any single person I talk to that I know, with anybody that experiences migraines, I’m like, “Okay, how often? Because you’ve got to go talk to Dr. Reed.”

– Amy

Sharing His Journey: How Occipital Nerve Stimulator Migraine Treatment Brought Miraculous Relief to His Migraines

Going from sitting in a chair, keeping my head still, afraid to move it for fear of a headache, now I can do anything. I’m out in the yard all the time, cutting limbs and gardening, and just whatever, playing with my grandchildren. I can do it all. For several months I was unable to do anything, so it’s just really made a big difference.

– Rodney

Rediscovering Life: Nerve Stimulator Migraine Treatment Brings Back Her Joy

I don’t mean to seem like it’s the miracle cure, and it just makes you not a migraine patient any longer, but it is absolutely life-changing. Every minute of our lives has been different ever since then…. There is nothing in my life that is the same as it was before we did the surgery.

– Kay

Reviving Dreams: Occipital Nerve Stimulator Migraine Treatment Brings Student-Athlete Back to Gymnastics

I’ve been able to do everything since. I hadn’t hadn’t not a headache in nine years. I didn’t even remember what it felt like, and it felt terrific. The stimulator just feels like someone is massaging my head. My head hasn’t felt this great since I can remember. Dr. Reed has done a miracle.

– Austin

Empowering Freedom: A Mother’s Journey with Occipital Nerve Stimulator Migraine Treatment

It’s been great because all I do is I turn it up if I get a little bit of a headache, and it goes away. Then, if it gets really bad, I just turn it up to a higher setting and knock it out. For me to be able to play with my son, that’s worth two months of going through trial and surgeries and implants. It’s completely worth it to get to play with my son. I haven’t had any limitations.

– Kandice

Occipital Nerve Stimulation Successful After 40 Years of Migraine

I wouldn’t recommend anybody else, but this office – Dr. Reed’s office, and I know there are other doctors out there, but I would definitely say come to Dr. Reed’s office. We’ve had just the best care here.

– Karen

Young Girl Returns to Her Singing After Successful Migraine Nerve Stimulator Implant

The Reed Migraine Procedure has given me my life back. The stimulator has allowed me to go out with friends and to enjoy life and to write music, and remember my past. It’s done so much for me.

– Rachel

After the Reed Procedure Mike is Headache Free and Returns to Boating

The trial was supposed to be for a week. I didn’t need that week for the trial. As soon as they turned it on within seconds, I was like, “wow, is this what normal feels like?” I didn’t understand. It took me a little while to comprehend, to understand what it was like not to have that headache on a daily basis.

– Mike

Inspiring Testimonial: Destini’s Triumph After the Reed Procedure

I found out about a neurostimulation procedure, and for the first time in two years, I was pain-free.

– Destini

Occipital Nerve Stimulation Eases Long Term Headaches

Since I had the procedure, I’ve got my life back. Now I was able to finish uni, become a registered nurse, and work full-time. I am able to go out with my friends, have fun, plan my future. I can exercise, walk my dog. I can read, which I missed, and I can pretty much do everything that I couldn’t do before, and more. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done.

– Nicole