Why US Migraine Centers?

Cutting-edge technology and exceptional patient care are the hallmarks distinguishing us from all other centers specializing in chronic headache relief. It’s one of the many reasons US Migraine shines as the ultimate choice for those seeking relief from headaches. Moreover, we stand alone as the global network where renowned head pain experts collaborate to offer direct patient access to the Reed Procedure®, a proven and successful migraine pain solution pioneered by the visionary Kenneth Reed, M.D.

Dr. Reed and the partner physicians at US Migraine pioneered the standard for neurostimulator implants for migraines worldwide. This includes breakthroughs like Occipital Nerve Stimulation and the Reed Procedure®. With over 25 years of honed expertise, US Migraine specialists stand out as the premier implanters of neurostimulators globally.

What’s more, we offer an exclusive non-invasive test lasting three to seven days to gauge the efficacy of the Reed Procedure® before the permanent stimulator is implanted. This unique test or trial stimulator is a rarity in the medical realm, allowing patients to experience a therapeutic trial before committing to full surgery.

Our Guiding Philosophy

Within US Migraine, our dedicated physicians and staff rally together each day for a single, profound purpose – to expedite relief for our patients struggling with chronic, intense head pain using the Reed Procedure®. Our mission extends to offering specialized treatment in a compassionate environment for headache sufferers and their families.