Dr. Reed Explains The Reed Procedure®

Below are a series of video FAQs in which Dr. Reed, inventor of the Reed Procedure®, answers many questions regarding migraine treatment done at US Migraine. If you have other questions, please get in touch with a patient coordinator directly during business hours at (844) 664-4724 or after hours at (972) 922-1692.

Dr. Kenneth Reed Introduction

Reed Procedure Overview & Key Points

What is the Trial Procedure?

How do I schedule a trail and is it covered by Insurance?

Who is a Candidate for the Reed Procedure?

Can you share more about peer-reviewed research done on the procedure?

Can I really expect Medication Free Migraine Relief?

Can it restore a full active life?

Can it help with Relieves Auras Nausea, Light Sensitivity and Other Associated Symptoms?

Can you walk us through the Test Stimulator Process?

When would the Permanent Procedure Occur?

Is there Patient Support and Follow Up?

When would the Permanent Procedure Occur?

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